LOOK: This hilarious page reviews skincare with just a little shade on the side!

Heads up, skincare lovers! Here’s a page that’s sure to get you that glowing skin you’ve always wanted while learning something new (and possible giggling, too!)!

All Skincare, Sometimes Shade specializes in reviewing products all while telling it like it is. This cleansing pad, for example, while it can help unclog your pores and all, it can’t solve everything. I quote: “Take note this cleansing pad isn’t the solution to all your skin problems. Hindi sya parang federalismo na tinuturing solusyon sa lahat: Traffic issues? Federalism. EJK? Federalism. Unemployment? Federalism. Roque’s face? Federalism. Ya boyfriend cheated? F e d e r a l i s m.”

Serving up some realness while making sure you get that goddess glow. This is all I needed in a page.

Check them out here:


This is the perfect example of bright skin, brighter mind!

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