LOOK: This ‘hanging body’ is a scary sight when walking alone at night

The internet was collectively horrified when a photo of what looked like a “hanging body” went viral online.

Twitter user melontyea shared the terrifying photo on June 4. It was posted with the caption “shocking.” At first look, the photo seemed to show a “hanging body” but upon closer inspection, the truth is revealed. It turns out that the “hanging body” was actually someone else’s laundry.

hanging laundry

Photo from: Twitter user @melontyea

The “hanging body” was reportedly found by a student from Huaqiao University.

The student who saw it was initially terrified because aside from seeing it hanging, the “body” seemed to be absolutely still. The report also said that the student almost called the police, but decided to take a closer look first only to find that the only thing hanging was a set of wet clothes.

Apparently, the unfortunate placement of a dress, white shirt, and black trousers and the angle from where the passerby was standing is what made the ensemble look like a “hanging body.”

It is unclear whether this was done accidentally or deliberately just to prank people. Still, it scared a lot of folks even online.

On Chinese social platform Weibo, the photo was also shared and it got a fair share of comments saying that if they saw it, they’d be scared too.

How about you, would you be terrified too?