LOOK: This Gym Adopts Homeless Cats!

Not even a gym full of body builders and workout buffs can resist the cuteness of purring kitties!

Here’s a story about a gym that adopts homeless cats.

It all started in 2013 when Uniflex Gym first opened. Owners, Allan Cardenas and Lea Baretto, found a homeless cat resting under the car parked right in front of the gym. They named this cat, Uni. From then on, they continued welcoming these adorable fur balls into their lives.


(Photo by Ria Ilano)

Meet the rest of the Uniflex Gym kitties below.

Allan and Lea found Flexi, the second resident cat, in the middle of the road on their way home. They couldn’t bear to leave him there, alone and crying, so they saved him, too.


(Photo by Ria Ilano)

Miki was rescued by a member of Uniflex Gym when she was still a 10-day old kitten. She was then given to the gym owners.


(Photo by Ria Ilano)

Uni and Flexi had babies named Curly, Mallows and Kermit. These three kittens were supposed to be up for adoption, but the gym owners couldn’t afford to lose them so they decided to keep all three of them.


(Photo by Ria Ilano)

Another kitten then came along. Twix was adopted from a member way back January 2014.


(Photo by Ria Ilano)

Tort, Mac and Spag were rescued outside the gym when they were just one-day old. These kittens were found crying and looking for their mom in the trash. They had another sibling, Ravi, who did not make it.


(Photo by Ria Ilano)

Suki was found in the middle of Sucat Road. A month after her rescue, she started having seizures and became a special needs kitty since then.


(Photo by Ria Ilano)

Last June 2015, they adopted Fudge from a member while four of his sisters also found loving families.


(Photo by Ria Ilano)

Little Orange was handed over by a ten-year old girl when he was about two-weeks old.


(Photo by Ria Ilano)

Last but not the least, the most recent cat resident of Uniflex Gym was rescued from the rain in the middle of Sucat Road. They named him Scruffy Doo.


(Photo by Ria Ilano)

When asked why they adopted all these cats, Allan and Lea said, “We did not choose to be rescuers. We feel that these babies chose us to be their parents. Having most of them at our gym is something we never really decided on. It just happened. We are happy most of our members do not mind having them around and most are fascinated with them and their personalities. They are part of Uniflex Gym. Without these wonderful kids, our gym won’t be complete.”

Thanks to Ria Ilano, Allan Cardenas and Lea Baretto for sharing us this story. We hope more people can look way beyond breed and start caring for stray cats.

Why shop when you can help animals in need?

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