LOOK: This guy’s grave is a celebration of his favorite drink

All Saints’ Day and All Souls’ Day are just a couple of weeks ahead.

Right in time, we spotted this photo shared by Long Mejia’s fan page on Facebook that showed how this guy’s last wish for his grave was turned into reality.

Apparently, this guy loved to drink so when it was time to go, he wanted his grave to look like his favorite drink.

Take a look.

Rough translation of caption:

Here lies Noli R. Sangalang. When he was still alive, his favorite drink was the “kwatro kantos” gin. Even if there is no occasion, he always drinks this. When it was time to go, his last wish was to have a grave shaped like his favorite drink. So, his family granted his only wish.

Note: We reached out to the admin of the FB page for more info but we haven’t received any response yet as of the┬átime of posting. We’ll update this as soon as we receive additional info.

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