LOOK: This Guy Was Witness to A Girl Getting Catcalled & This Is What Happened

Catcalling is a problem. Little by little, people are speaking up against this kind of harassment and because of this, more people are realizing this is a problem.

But, it must be admitted that it takes courage to fight back and voice out that catcalling is not okay. Props to this Kuya who witnessed a random girl being catcalled and spoke up against it. He tweets about his experience and asks: “Kahit hindi ako yung tinarget ng sinabi niya, I got scared.. Pano pa kaya kung yung mga babae talaga na nasasabihan ng ganun?”

Read the full text here.


Source: @scrtsjrm

Full text of the tweets read:

This is a long thread but it’s story time. I rode a tricycle heading home tapos nakaupo ako sa likod nung driver kasi may tao sa loob. (1/n)

We were at an intersection tapos we were about to turn left. Kaya lang, there was a car na nagrereverse so naharangan kami. (2/n)

The tryke driver said “Ate chix, bagal mo magmaneho. Gahasain ka namin.” Nagulat ako so sabi ko “Kuya, nakakabastos po.” (3/n)

He replied, “Eh ambagal eh! Babae naman yan! Maganda! Maruno ata magkambyo. Aayaw ka pa ba gumahasa?” Sobrang gulat ako sa kanya. (4/n)

abi ko, “Kuya. Respeto nalang.” At this point, nakaalis na yung car sa intersection. Nung pagkababa ko, the tryke driver told me… (5/n)

Kahit hindi ako yung tinarget ng sinabi niya, I got scared. May tao pala talagang ganun. Men who think women are sex objects. (7/n)

Pano pa kaya kung yung mga babae talaga na nasasabihan ng ganun? Nakakatakot, gago. Hindi siya joke. Stop your weird obsession with… (8/n)

hypermasculinity na macho mambastos at magassert ng power over women. Get your brain out of your dick. (9/9)

Thank you for this, Jerome! Men like you allow us to hope that one day, everyone will be aware that this type of behaviour is not okay.


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