LOOK: This Guy Shares His Immense Funko Pop Collection with Us!

I’ve been collecting toys for a while now, and Funko Pops are a big part of my collection.

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So, when someone showed me photos of Calvin Ting’s collection, I couldn’t help but drop my jaw in awe. Check this out:


As you can see, Calvin has hundreds of Funko Pops on his shelves and they look AWESOME!!! While I am very specific with the Funko Pops that I buy and add to my collection, Calvin shares that he used to buy almost all of the lines that Funko Pop released back in the day. Now, he’s more focused on Marvel, DC Comics and movie Pops, though, because he has come to find that it has become harder to collect all of the lines that Funko has been making.

“Too many to collect and also space-consuming,” he laughs.
Calvin is also into Dorbz (right part of the shelf)!
Aside from collecting, Calvin also takes pictures of his toys next to his DVDs every once in a while:
That Bane Funko Pop is one of my favourites! 😀 Do you have any collections of your own? Share them with us! 😀