LOOK: This Guy Builds ‘Gundam Obosen’ And It Is Pretty Badass!


John Albert De Perio from Bolinao, Pangasinan is an avid Gundam scale model creator.

Recently, he participated for the first time at a Gundam scale modeling event, the Gundam Builders World Cup (GBWC) Philippine qualifiers, where one of his creations stood out.

John’s entry at the GBWC is called “Mobile Suit DU-30 President Punisher.”

Basically, he created a Gundam scale model of President Rodrigo Duterte, which he wittily called “Gundam Obosen.”

According to John, the base kit is from the animated series of “Gundam Iron Blooded Orphans” Gundam Kimaris Booster type.


WhenInManila.com had a quick chat with John and this is what he told us.

It was my first time to join in that kind of event. I started scale modeling last year with the help of “Pangasinan Gundam Builders.” They helped me to learn more about scale modeling and I searched many kinds of tutorial videos on the Internet to improve my hobby skills in modeling. Although I’m not an avid fan of our president, I chose to build this Gunpla (gundam plastic) for the reason that many foreign countries recognize our country today because of our president’s attitude and kind of leadership he does.


In building this scale model, I used other toy parts and scraps, and I modified and changed the look of the original kit to something cool and tough looking Gundam. With the help of Sir Dennis Mendoza, we collaborated to customize and design the head of Preside Duterte to place it in the customized Gunpla.

I choose to paint it red for his iconic color.

I also relate my concept in the animated series of “Gundam Build Fighters” where they build and design their own gunpla and place it into some kind of a hologram simulator device to be able to maneuver and control it like a true pilot on that robot.


Even though I didn’t win in the event, the only purpose why I joined that competition is to showcase my talent, represent my town Bolinao, Pangasinan, and represent my country in the international Gundam community. Seeing viewers smiles and reactions on the internet makes me feel a lot more like a winner.

Hoping that I’ll meet our president someday and have a picture with him and my artwork. To God be all the Glory!


What do you think of John’s work? Cool, right?!?