LOOK: This Guy Creates Awesome Instagram Stories By Adding His Favorite Superheroes

When boredom strikes, particularly when I’m stuck in traffic, one of my favorite things to do is browse through my friends’ Instagram stories. Beyond seeing what my friends are up to on a daily basis, I also like checking out the creativity that sometimes comes into play with their stories.

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Nothing prepared me for what I saw on Lucas Lacorte’s story feed, though. He takes creativity in Instagram stories to a whole new level by adding superheroes to them. Here are some of my favorites:

Turning an ordinary commute into something extraordinary.

How cool is this?

Lucas shares that he gets inspiration from the things he loves – such as superheroes. “I always sketch down familiar characters from DC and Marvel because – besides the fact that they’re really fun to draw – they’re capable of spicing up mundane moments,” he says. “When I create these IG stories, I always ask myself questions, like “How are these characters going to make me laugh? What would superheroes do in a boring situation? When they aren’t always in action?” And when I began incorporating superheroes, monsters, giant robots and these other cool things I’m extremely passionate about in real life, I had no idea it would be THIS fun.”

While Lucas considers myself a traditionalist because he loves penciling, inking and water coloring on paper; he has done a few digital artworks. Still, he always finds himself going back sketching on sheets. “Nowadays, I rarely do digital artworks because I don’t have the equipment. Personally, the IG stories are as close as I can get to saying I’m a digital artist,” he laughs.

Lucas told me that he usually just does this out of boredom. “Art is what happens when you see something special out of nothing, and then you create,” he explains. :When I discovered this new feature on Instagram, I found it capable of making all these blank pictures into something that I would enjoy looking at. It gave me the opportunity to shift dull scenes into fun ones, and challenge me to rely on my creativity, or the ability to improvise.”

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