LOOK: This goat went viral for being too handsome!

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, this is true and something we can all agree upon. But it seems that many are beholden to the beauty of this majestic creature… this goat.

Sebab dia handsome kita snap gambar dia banyak sikit. Muda lagi baru 11 bulan ?*Kepada yang nak cari kambing hensem2 dan lawa2 bole like page kita ??

Muhammad Livestock Farm 发布于 2019年7月6日周六

After a week of being posted, this goat’s photo went viral because he was so handsome. It was totally effortless, unlike many things that go viral. And we only wish we could achieve this kind of effortless attractiveness. It’s almost unfair how this goat has 4k+ shares when my crush won’t even notice me (I’m fine) but I guess that’s just the nature of the internet.

This goat stole everyone’s hearts. Owners of the Muhammad Livestock Farm love to take photos of him because of his handsome crest and photogenic nature. Remus, the goat’s given name, seems to just be a natural in front of the camera. Guess we can’t all be instagram-worthy!

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