LOOK: This Girl Proves That Hard Work Triumphs Over Down Syndrome

There is a notion that people with Down Syndrome are less capable and that they need special treatment in order to live a normal life. What people don’t realize is that people with Down Syndrome can achieve amazing feats, too, despite society judging them and treating them differently.

Brina Kei M. Maximo is an amazing example of this fact. At a young age, her doctor told her parents the possibility of her dying early, but this did not stop her from living her life. She pursued her studies despite being diagnosed with a serious intellectual disability. She strived hard in school until she proved her psychologist wrong and finished elementary.

Down syndrome

As years passed by, she continued this feat of excellence and graduated regular high school as class valedictorian. She did not only graduate college with a degree in History. She has also taken up and earned several certification courses, as well. Read her full post below.

Hi! I am Brina Kei M. Maxino, and I have Down Syndrome. When I was just 9 days old, a doctor told my parents that I could die early because my case was very bad. When I was 10 years old, a psychologist told my parents that because of my serious intellectual disability, I cannot even finish grade school. Today, I am 20 years old. Today, I am already working as an Assistant Teacher. Last May, 2017 at 20 years old, I graduated with a four-year degree in Bachelor of Arts, Major in History. I also earned my one-year Certificate in General Clerical Services at age 17, and earned my two-year Certificate in Associate in Arts at age 18. When I was 16 years old, I graduated from regular High School as Class Valedictorian. This is because I worked hard, and many people believed in me and they helped me achieve my dreams. To all the parents, relatives, teachers, therapists and doctors of Persons With Disability (PWD), or those with intellectual disability, like me, please continue to believe in us and please help us. We also deserve the chance to live the best lives that we could. To my fellow PWDs, we can do it! Thank you, all! I love my life, I love my future! I thank God!

Her graduation post is not only inspiring but empowering as well, especially to those who are facing the same obstacles she faced, and that with hard work, success is achievable despite all odds.

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