LOOK: This girl found an excuse letter from high school excusing her for “love sickness”

Going through our old things can be cathartic. It can remind us of the good and bad times, the fun times, the sad times, all of those things. But even the funny things can’t be avoided when rooting around our old stuff.

Sometimes you find a funny note you wrote a friend or a photo of yourself that you can’t believe actually exists in this world.

Well, for this girl, she found something that would put a smile on anyone’s face. After stumbling upon an excuse letter, this girl took to twitter with a big w t f at her high school self. Check the tweet out below:

Notice that it’s been signed by the Love Police? We thought that was a very smooth touch to an otherwise very 2011-era excuse letter. It feels like those years were riddled with all kinds of teen angst that none of knew how to navigate. Still, this didn’t fail to make me and a few other thousand people laugh and nod along, likely because they can relate to that feeling of looking back at your old self and just cringing.

More power to you, ate girl. Sana ‘di ka na lovesick! Para wala nang excuse letters na kailangan i-sign ng Love Police! We wish you the best!


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