LOOK: This gaping hole in the middle of a street was left unfilled for months

About three months ago a 22-wheeler truck sunk into a road in Quezon City as the pavement collapsed. The truck fell into the drainage as a portion of the then-newly-paved road caved in. It was loaded with sand and presumably sunk due to its weight. This took place in N.S Amorante on Banawe corner Retiro Streets.

However, this happened in November and the aftermath of the accident hasn’t yet been attended to — if anything, the hole has worsened with garbage. Zaza Sarmiento posted on Facebook an appeal to anyone who had the power or authority to look after the matter. She writes:

I’ve been walking down this street (NS AMORANTO, formerly known as RETIRO) almost every day to go to the gym… 3 months earlier a truck fell into this “mess” and 3 months after it’s still… well a “mess”. Whoever is in charge of this can you please do us all a favor and just do your job! …and before it becomes a garbage dump (actually, it is starting to look like it.)

We really don’t deserve nice things here in the Philippines noh?

I’ve been walking down this street (NS AMORANTO, formerly known as RETIRO) almost every day to go to the gym… 3 months…

Zaza Sarmiento 发布于 2019年2月8日周五

We reached out to Zaza to find out more about the story. She says that a number of people have updated her to let her known that the proper government units have been informed and are already in the process of resolving the matter. As it stands, the Quezon City Engineering Office is set to have the project up for bidding by the third week of February. The project will then be monitored by the barangay who holds jurisdiction over the street.

Despite this, citizens remain concerned that the timeline for repairs will either stretch on or has already been too long. Some fear that the bidding process may be drawn out and that if it coincides with the campaign period then the project may be put on hold and forgotten until after elections have ended.

Should that happen, people who live or habitually pass through this area fear they will have to endure the hole for at least another 6 months. Aside from the traffic that this hole must cause, it’s especially dangerous for commuters who have to walk through the street. Commenters in the post joke that it is as if they are forced to go through an obstacle course every day.

Another concern is the trash being thrown into the hole. Zaza shares that the pit is beginning to resemble a garbage dump with the amount of waste people wrongfully toss in. She hopes that if the hole cannot be filled soon, the least that can be done is have the Environment Waste department pay the proper attention to this.

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If everything goes well, repairs will begin sometime in March. But because there is the chance for construction to start late or become delayed, it is suggested that concerned citizens remain vigilant and continue their clamor at the respective government offices. Hopefully, this is a problem that can be solved before the monsoon season rolls in and makes the hole even worse of a problem.

Do you have any advice for concerned residents on solving this problem? 

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