LOOK: This Fur Parent Designed and Built a Room All For Her Dog

While everyone’s renovating and styling their homes (quite constantly, thanks to the numerous lockdowns), one netizen didn’t forget about her dog when she redecorated her home. In fact, she even created a “room” just for her dog!

Waki Salonga Tepace, the fur parent of one-year-old Shih Tzu Amara Hope, shared photos of her furbaby’s room in the Facebook group Home Buddies and it quickly got thousands of reactions and comments from the community.

dog room 2

Photo from WAki Salonga Tepace

The “room” is actually a huge corner in Tepace’s home. It even has two floors, stairs, fences, and a gate! She really took the classic dog house to a whole new level.

The “first floor” is the main area which features a carpeted space and an area for the dog bed and her stuffed toys. The “second floor” features Amara Hope’s open closet, food storage, and her other needs.

When asked why she decided to create this massive “room” for her dog, Tepace shares that when she had the opportunity to have her own home, she did not want to leave her dog alone.

dog room 1

Photo from WAki Salonga Tepace

“I always look at her as my child, and she must have whatever I have. If I have a closet she must have hers. If I have my own bed she should’ve hers. I can’t see myself without her. Oftentimes, people say, ‘Ang swerte naman ng furbaby sayo! (Your furbaby is so lucky with you!)’ But no, I am blessed to have her. Literally, she’s my hope,” Tepace shares with WhenInManila.com.

It took her a whole two months to create the room! After having a few workers create the structure with palochina wood, Tepace did everything else by herself—from painting to decorating.

Of course, one of the most crucial things she had to consider when designing the room was that it should be pet-friendly.

dog room 3

Photo from WAki Salonga Tepace

“Lights are important because I should know where she is exactly in her room. I put lights even under her stairs,” she says, “Building the closet was full of fun—I was inspired by Ms.

Heart Evangelista. The moment I designed the closet, I put in mind that walk-in closets should be something she can walk through.”

Tepace says that Amara Hope’s favorite spot in the room is in front of the massive mirror. “Sometimes she even sleeps in front of her mirror.”

She also shares how much her life has changed since her dog came into her life. After her mother passed away in May, she says that creating Amara Hope’s room helped ease the pain of her loss. “Hope is not just a dog, but she’s the reason why I choose to live.”

This “room” is not just a home inspiration, but it gives us such an inspiring story, too!

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