LOOK: This Funny Yet Beautiful Love Letter From 50 Years Ago Will Make You Believe In Forever

We Pinoys love a good love story–especially those stories that will make our cold dead hearts beat again. So, it’s really no surprise when a certain love letter went viral on Twitter recently.

It was posted by Andie Ochoa (@andielmao) who said that it was a love letter from her grandfather that her grandmother found.

It was a letter from February 24, 1967! If you think that’s cool, the content of the letter is actually a lot cooler.

dear dorothy,
bago ang lahat ay nais kong malaman mo na ini big kita, i love you sa ingles, yo te amo sa kastila, aji-no-moto sa intsik, kaminomoto sa hapon at papa piccollino sa italiano.
ang pag-ibig ko sa iyo ay sariwa, sariwang dulot ng hangin kalinisan ng breeze.
susunkitin ko ang buwan at bituin huwag lamang ang araw sapagkat ito ay nabihag na ng tide.
ang pag-ibig ko sa iyo ay katumbas ng isang hiwang karne, dalawang kilong itlog,  dalawang kilong repolyo at kaputol na keso de bola, sa madaling sabi, liberty.
ang pag-ibig ko ay dalisay, cinerama, ever at podmon, galaxy at life.
hanggang dito na lamang at relax lang bastat marvel.
as ever, camay at palmolive
lito pantera

Andie shares that her grandmother, Lola Dorothy, was cleaning out her night table that she was about to sell when she found the letter.

Andie was, at first, surprised that her grandmother was able to keep it for that long, but was then sidetracked with how funny the letter actually was.

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Really, though. Lolo Lito sounds like a super funny guy with that letter–possibly even using jokes and references that were pop culture in 1967.

Lola Dorothy even shares that Lolo Lito just wrote it to her just ’cause he felt like it. No occasion, no celebration, no anything!

lola dorothy lolo litoLolo Lito and Lola Dorothy from years ago

If you’re already feeling the kilig, just wait till you hear about their love story!

Andie shares that her grandmother is Chinese and her grandfather isn’t, which meant that the family didn’t exactly accept their relationship. So, they eloped and risked everything just to be together. They had nothing, but they worked hard and slowly began to make a name for themselves and were able to raise a family.

Now, Lola Dorothy and Lolo Lito are both 77 years old and still happy together. Isn’t this enough proof that true love and forever does still exist in the world?

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