LOOK: This “Fried Egg” is Actually a Scented Candle!

Love collecting scented candles? If you’ve got enough scented candles in stylish jars, cans, and pots, it might be time to kick it up a notch. Here’s a scented candle that’s most definitely a lot more unique and quirky than what you already have in your collection.

This scented candle is shaped like a beautifully cooked fried egg. It even looks real enough to eat! It also comes with a mini frying pan to complete the illusion.


Photo from Shopee

This “fried egg” is actually a DIY candle kit. Not only will you have a cute scented candle that will surely make your guests do a double-take, you’ll also have a blast creating your very own candle!

The kit includes soy wax, fragrance oil, a wick, a melting mug, a separate “yolk” candle, and a mini Teflon pan that will mold (and hold) your newly-created egg candle.

If you’re looking for a new scented candle to add to your collection, this “fried egg” scented candle deserves a spot!

Buy this “fried egg” scented candle here!

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