LOOK: This Freelance Photographer Turned A Single Pillar Into Her Own “Studio” And It Turned Out Amazing

As millennials, we probably have that one friend who would go all out to get you that amazingly gorgeous profile photo that’s worthy of a spot in museums. Going all out would probably mean going to hidden sights or travelling to exotic places for that amazeballs photo background. But many have proven that you don’t need to have a breathtaking background to get the perfect photo.

An example is Mica Abesamis, a freelance photographer who displayed her resourcefulness in taking beautiful photos through a tweet she posted.


In the tweet, she shows a behind-of-the-scene photo where her model is shown posing in front of a pillar inside a mall. Then Mica shows the resulting photo which honestly looks like it was shot in a legit studio.

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She shares with WhenInManila.com that they really didn’t have a concrete plan for that photo shoot. They had just planned to look for plain walls to use as a background. “[We] had to make the most out of what was available!” she says.

It’s really not about the gear or the place or the budget. Sometimes, all you need is creativity, resourcefulness, and skill.

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