LOOK: This Filipino Chef Is in the Running to Be Bon Appétit’s ‘Favorite Chef’

Chefs from all around the world are in the running to be Bon Appétit’s ‘Favorite Chef’ for 2021. The winner will be receiving $20,000 and will be featured on a Bon Appétit double-page spread.

Filipino Chef Edmund Diamante is based in the U.S. and has always been a chef at heart. He’s been a professional chef for 3 years but has been interested in cooking since he was young. He shared that he got his interest in cooking through his mother who taught him how to cook.

When asked what his signature is, he shared that it’s Lechon belly or what others call porchetta. “Filipinos always have Lechon (whole roasted pig) for special occasions, so what I would consider as my signature dish is Lechon belly(Roasted pork belly) it’s a mini version of the traditional Lechon but seasoned with the same spices. It is similar to porchetta, roasted slowly in the oven until the meat is melt in your mouth tender and the skin is chicharon crispy”, he added.

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Aside from his signature dish, Chef Edmund Diamante also specializes in Filipino cuisine. He shares that if he wins the competition, he will use the money to start a catering business to let people know and taste what the Filipino cuisine and culture have to offer.

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