LOOK: This face laser treatment can treat and solve multiple skin concerns in just 1 session

Words by Justin Francia
Photos by Verna Sevilla

If you’re looking for an affordable laser treatment that can promise faster, safer, and more effective results, then Skin House’s Starwalker Angel White Laser is the perfect procedure for you.

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Skin House believes that everyone deserves nothing but the best when it comes to skincare. This is why they try to keep their prices affordable for their customers. And they definitely do it without compromising the standards of the services they meticulously provide.

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Their Starwalker Angel White Laser is proof of this, redefining laser procedures and setting the bar for other treatments as well as other clinics. With no downtime, it assures a quicker procedure with visible improvements in just a single session. It doesn’t also require you to go back to the clinic for instant follow-up procedures as one session a month is enough.

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No need to worry about whether you have dry or oily skin because Starwalker Angel White can treat and solve multiple skin concerns regardless of your skin type. This versatile treatment promises several benefits no one can say no to.

It’s impossible to not notice how glowing your skin will be right after the procedure. It also offers to give you smoother, hair-free, and fuzz-free skin as it removes unwanted hair with the high-powered laser beams preventing the regrowth of hair with every session. The treatment has also been tried and tested when it comes to whitening skin pigmentation, regardless of what skin tone you have.

This is perfect for those who wish to lessen the appearance of their scars and vascular lesions, it treats unwanted spots with no surgery and can even remove tattoos with the machine’s upgraded technology. It is also known for treating acne as the laser stimulates healing of the skin.

It’s no doubt that Skin House is the clinic best for skin care enthusiasts and even for those who just want to give their skin a little pampering.

Skin House is located at the Lower Ground of W City Center, 30th Street and 7th Avenue, Fort Bonifacio, Taguig. Their clinic is open every day (even on Holidays!) from 11 am to 8 pm.

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