LOOK: This Downy TinyTan is Finally in the Philippines!

Many have been waiting for the availability of Downy TinyTan in the Philippines as Jungkook has mentioned it with fans a while back. If you are a K-pop fan then we are sure that you’ve been waiting for this too!


If you are wondering how RM, Jin, Suga, J-Hope, Jimin, V, and Jungkook smell, then these different variants from Downy may give you an idea. Downy is featuring TinyTan on special edition packs for three of their variants: Passion, Mystique, and Adorable. TinyTans are the ‘kyeopta’ (cute) characters or chibi versions of the members of the global sensation and Korean boy group BTS.


We tried them out and Downy’s TinyTan collection smells amazing and they have scents that match the different personalities of each BTS member. Passion is for you if you want your clothes to smell fresh and sweet, Mystique will tickle your senses with a richer scent and Adorable should be your go-to if you prefer a cottony scent. Any of these 3 will surely make you feel like a global superstar all day with their long-lasting freshness.


Seems like Downy has found a way to spice it up for fans even more! They’re giving a few lucky winners a chance to win TinyTan merchandise and be included in a special Downy TinyTan video. All you need to do is shoot a video while holding any Downy TinyTan variant and answer the question, “What do you love the most about TinyTAN | Downy Special Edition?”

More details on the Downy Philippines page: www.facebook.com/DownyPhilippines

Check out the full mechanics here!