LOOK: This Couple Had Their Post-Nup Shoot at the Milktea Cafe Where They Met

You can find love in the most unexpected places and the couple Ramier and Charo is a testament to that.

Photos of Ramier and Charo went viral recently as they had their post-nup shoot in the milktea cafe where they met in 2019. “We met January 7, 2019, at Macao Imperial Tea – SM Ormoc Branch”, Ramier shared.

“It was definitely not love at first sight but I was shocked to see her that day. I was a varsity athlete at our school at the time and is a pageant enthusiast throughout our college days, so I knew her and even developed a crush on her. Definitely, I made the first move. I was already hanging out at the milk tea store at the time, and because we had a common friend who was also there, her friend asked if she could come over and hang out with us”, Ramier added.

Ramier even remembered the items they ordered that one fateful day. “I ordered Cream Cheese Oreo Milktea and Charo ordered Cheesecake and Pearl Milktea”, he reminisced.

“I was taken aback when I first saw her that day, and I had to look her up on my Facebook account, where I discovered that I had previously made a friend request years earlier. It began after I rescinded my friend’s invitation on the night of January 7, which she accepted because we had previously met earlier that day. We began to connect via messenger after a few weeks, and we would always go out with our buddies”, the couple shared.

“We made it official after 2 months. March 2 the same year”, said Charo.

When asked about their romance, Ramier shared that he proposed on September 18, 2020, using a thread to measure her ring finger and to get a bit more time to save and proposed with a diamond ring on June 8, 2021.

Because of time and budget constraints, Charo had the idea of having a post-nup shoot at the milk tea cafe where they met. “It was really my idea and Ramier was hesitant to say yes to my request since he thought that we would get a lot of attention from doing so. I wanted to do the postnup there since we weren’t able to conduct a prenup shoot because of our busy schedule and it would take up a lot of our wedding budget. It was the same branch that we first met”, shared Charo.

Despite the pandemic, love will continue to bloom and conquer. Charo and Ramier is one story that will keep us inspired and in love.

Photos from Joshua Sy Pales, Anonymous Shots and MLaude Snaps

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