LOOK: This Colorful and Vibrant Cafe Serves Blue Rice!

Have you ever had a meal or a certain dish that was so good you actually did a little dance? It’s that unique feeling that led to the establishment of our newest cafe -restaurant discovery.

The Taste of Czaczacza is a vibrant and eye-catching cafe and restaurant with branches in Marikina and Sta. Mesa. It gives off a tasteful eccentric vibe that it’s hard not to notice and be drawn to its bright and happy exteriors.

Even the name of this restaurant is so intriguing! Chef Czarina (aka Chef Cza), owner of this food destination, shares that The Taste of Czaczacza was a play on her name and the “cha-cha” dance.

According to Chef Cza, great food can make you dance—and that’s exactly what they try to do at The Taste of Czaczacza.

Their branches in Marikina and Sta. Mesa both feature such a delightful atmosphere thanks to its colorful dinnerware, furniture, and vibrant decor all around. It feels so welcoming and filled with energy!

While the bright atmosphere was actually enough to make you dance, their food offering will bring you to a new level of bliss.

A unique twist to classic favorites

If you’re looking for a unique twist to your usual everyday rice meals, you’ll enjoy the dishes served by The Taste of Czaczacza. They serve blue rice!

That’s right—in case you’re already fed up with the usual white rice or brown rice or even red rice, you can check out The Taste of Czaczacza for their vibrant blue rice.

Chef Cza revealed that they use blue ternate, also known as butterfly pea flower, to turn white rice into their iconic blue rice.

She says that she wanted to create something new and unique for the restaurant, but she and her husband, who’s also a chef, didn’t want to rely on food coloring. They wanted to keep everything on the menu as fresh as possible. Hence, the birth of their Instagrammable blue rice.

Their blue rice comes with any of their rice meals—from all-day breakfast to hearty main courses.

Some of our favorites include the Pan Seared Salmon in Teriyaki Sauce which was so flavorful and perfectly cooked; and the Oven-Lechon Beef Belly which was so crispy and delicious.

They also have a wide array of all-day breakfast choices such as the intriguing longganisa patties and the classic beef tapa.

Maybe it was just me, but that blue rice seemed to make everything even more delectable!

Their food menu features a diverse mix of Pinoy classics and scrumptious comfort food that will really make you do a little dance in your seat.

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You just might find anything and everything you’re craving on their menu—from meaty classic burgers to sweet and spicy pancit chami. They even have a must-try Caldereta Pasta that’s sweet, savory, and a bit spicy!

IG-worthy sweet treats

Of course, since everything about this cafe is already so pleasing to the eyes, it’s not a surprise that they also serve Instagrammable cakes and original donuts.

Chef Cza then revealed that she would personally bake their signature donuts and cakes to serve to their customers!

We also loved the crazy flavors of donuts that were available, including the super cute avocado donut (inspired by Avocadoria which is also owned by Chef Cza). Their donuts were so adorably irresistible!

They also serve refreshing fruit juices, smoothies, and shakes made from real and fresh fruits—I loved their new Raspberry Smoothie!

A delightful food experience

If a restaurant could be the epitome of what good food feels like, The Taste of Czaczacza just might be it. From its unique dishes to its vibrant and energizing ambiance, everything about this cafe-resto can instantly lift up your spirits any day of the week.

The Taste of Czaczacza

4 J. Chanyungco Street, Marikina City

4th Level, SM City Sta. Mesa, R. Magsaysay cor G. Araneta Ave, Quezon City


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