LOOK: This class just had Vice President Leni Robredo as their substitute teacher

For many of us during our childhood years, having a substitute teacher usually added excitement to an otherwise normal school day. But this class in Naga City just had the biggest surprise when their “substitute teacher” walked in.

It was Vice President Leni Robredo herself who became their “substitute teacher” for a law class!

Camille M. Garfin, a student of the Ateneo de Naga University, shared about their class’ once-in-a-lifetime experience on Twitter:

“Constitutional professor said someone would substitute him today because he’s busy. Didn’t know it would be the vice president of the Philippines,” Camille says in her tweet.

VP Robredo is a law graduate of the University of Nueva Caceres in Naga City and was a lawyer prior to becoming the Vice President of the Philippines.

When asked how the class went, Camille simply answered that it was “inspirational”. It’s not every day that you have the Vice President herself teaching as a proxy at a law class.

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