LOOK: This cinema lets you bring any food ‘your heart desires’

Recently, a hot topic going around the internet is the announcement made by a giant mall chain about banning “outside food” inside their cinemas.

This drew criticism from people online, which made the mall chain reconsider their announcement. They removed their “No Outside Food” policy but their new announcement still discourages certain food items like rice and pasta meals, alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks glass, bottles, and cans, food with sauces, and food on a stick. They encouraged moviegoers to still get their food from the in-house concessionaire, Snack Time.

In lieu of this, another mall chain posted on Facebook that in their cinemas, you can bring the food that “your heart desires.” Even if you are running late, they have food merchants who deliver inside the cinemas for free.

As of publication, this announcement has already gained 26K+ reactions, 15K+ shares, and 4.5K+ comments. Mostly were feedbacks praising the mall.

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What are your thoughts about bringing “outside food” in cinemas? What food should be allowed? Where do you draw the line?