LOOK: This Christmas Tree In Batangas Helps K-12 Students Prepare For A Brighter Future

Christmas is all about giving, and while Secret Santas and exchange gifts can give us opportunities for giving, there are actually other chances to give to a greater cause–such as the future of young students. A certain Christmas tree in Batangas actually gives anyone this opportunity to invest in the next generation!

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Acuatico Beach Resort, home of one of the best infinity pools in the country, houses a gorgeous Christmas tree that does not only light up their in-house restaurant but even the future of more than a dozen Grade 11 and 12 students of Laiya National High School.


Their Light Up A Star Program has been going on for three years where in cooperation with the German Development Program, Deutsche Gesellschaft fur International Zusammenarbeit, Acuatico Beach Resort gives on-the-job training to K-12 students and allows them to prepare for their future.

DSC 0125 copyThe students getting training from Acuatico Beach Resort

DSC 0183 copyThe people behind the Light Up A Star program

It does not only give them a chance to learn from experience but also assures them of a job after graduation.

DSC 0251 copyWith each star, guests can help build the next generation!

To allow more people to be involved in this great cause, Acuatico’s Christmas tree also serves as a fundraiser for this program. Guests can buy stars to decorate the Christmas tree with, and all the proceeds go to their Light Up A Star Program. The cost of each star ranges from PHP 50 to PHP 200.

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With just a small amount, guests at this gorgeous resort can add a little more bling to their Christmas tree and help students with their future!

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If you’re planning a holiday trip in Batangas, why not book a stay at Acuatico Beach Resort? Not only will you enjoy their luxurious facilities, but also make your Christmas a little bit more meaningful!

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