LOOK: This Charging Cable Also Lights Up

Nowadays, even the simplest things can have an instant upgrade.

Chargers have gone through a lot in the past years—we now even have wireless chargers built into tables! And now, even charging cables have gotten a recent upgrade.

This cool charging cable also lights up! We’ve seen plugs having a small light, of course. But with this lighting charging cable, it instantly becomes multifunctional.

lighting cable

Photo from Shopee

This charger won’t just be useful for your device; it can set up the mood of your space, too. With this charger, you’ll even have a makeshift “light strip” for any space you have.

It will also help you find your charging phone instantly when it’s dark.

This charging cable comes in white, blue, green, and red.

It’s also available as a lightning cable, Type-C cable, or a micro USB cable.

Buy this light-up charging cable here!

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