LOOK: This charcuterie board has everything your fancy heart could dream of!

When it comes to feelin’ fancy, a night of wine and cheese seems perfect. There’s just something so refined about having all of those cold cuts, cheeses, crackers, and fruit all at once. Some of these boards, however, are so difficult to find and perfect that it gets frustrating. Worry not, we have the solution: The Curated Board.

curated board open box

This board is jam-packed with all your fancy evening essentials. Cold cuts, fresh fruit, delicious cheeses, and all the salty crackers and pretzels your heart could desire. It’s even got some caviar, apricot jam, and honey to really top things off.

This thing is massive, even in flavor. I even needed some help to finish it off!

curated board 3

Look at that caviar, omg

There were even sweet little touches–like the hearts on the toothpicks or the environmentally-friendly wooden knife–that we absolutely loved. Not only did this pack a flavorful punch, it also made for a touching, thoughtful gift. Nothing says “I love you, get fancy” like a charcuterie board. Or like a box full of delicious, pinky-raising, fanciful foods.

And it wasn’t just a random assortment either, it was a thoughtful one. All the flavors complemented each other. The citrus with the sweet and the salty, all brought together a medley of flavor that would perfectly go with any glass of wine.

curated board covered box

Such pretty packaging!

Our favorite part was the cheeeese. So good. Pro-tip, we heated them a little before eating and, omg, it was heaven. That plus the salted pretzels? Heavenly! Everything about this box made us go mmm and completely satisfied our appetites. A lot of people talk about how fancy food is always so small or served so little but this? This wasn’t here to play–we were so full we had to save the rest!

Curated board close up

Pinkies up!

If you’re looking for a thoughtful gift or a fun night in by yourself (and some wine), look no further! The Curated Board is here for you and all your fancy-livin’ needs.

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The Curated Board

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