LOOK: This Cardcaptor Sakura makeup collection is absolutely magical

It seems like 2020, while one of the most disastrous years ever, also had in store a year for the magical girl! Sailor Moon collabs arrived in terms of makeup thanks to Colourpop and its restocking of the coveted collection and now it’s Sakura’s turn. Perfect Diary cosmetics, a Chinese makeup company, has created this gorgeous Cardcaptor Sakura collection for al the magical girls out there! Complete with a set of earrings to make you really feel the magic of her crest.

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Thanks to the new Clear Card series, Cardcaptor Sakura has captivated fans all over again, the nostalgia bug strong and dominant in us lately. This collection undoubtedly jumps off that and makes a statement in gorgeous pale pink and intricate details–even down to the ridges and embossing on the powders!

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I’d feel like a magical girl wearing this, wouldn’t you?

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The collection is available on their Facebook page and as well as their website. I’ve copped mine, are you copping yours? 😉

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