LOOK: This Camera Allows Your Dog To Become A Photographer

Ever heard of a Pho-DOG-rapher?!

This camera really goes beyond photography as a human experience! 

Nikon launched a heartography experiment, which is basically photography done according to heart rate. Now we can really see things from a dog’s perspective!

camera allows dogs to be photographers

The company created a custom case that can be strapped around a dog to take photos from a dog’s eye view, according to a post by Quartz. Every time the dog’s heart rate goes up, the case automatically snaps a photo, thanks to a heart-rate monitor in the case.

We could only imagine the kind of photos dogs could take then: snaps of their owners, cats, different dogs, and of course, food!

Incidentally, they provided photos taken by their test dog, Grizzler. Check out the doggie snapshots!


camera allows dog to take photos

camera allows dog to take photos 5

camera allows dog to take photos 4

camera allows dog to take photos 3

camera allows dog to take photos 2

If you ask me, I’d strap this baby around Bantay, in case of any home intruders at night. Now there’s an idea…

What do you think of this? Would you get this for your dog? Share with us in the comments!