LOOK: This Business Was Inspired By Owner’s Grandfather

While most businesses were usually born out of creative ideas, problems to solve, to serve a demand or even skills to maximize, but distinctively, the diaper brand “Assure“ was founded out of love and inspiration. The proprietor, a young Chinoy entrepreneur Hero Go, graciously shares that this business is a tribute to his late Angkong or grandfather in Hokkien.

Hero Go is the eldest among 3 siblings from a close-knit Filipino-Chinese family, where three generations harmoniously live under one roof. He recalls some fond memories with his grandparents, who were never short of love and care for the family.

“When I was young, our grandparents showered us with love, attention, and care while our parents worked to provide for us,” he gushes about being a ‘Lolo’s Boy’. “My Angkong took charge of feeding me, changing my clothes and diapers, putting me to sleep, and playing with me all while taking care of our humble family business. My Ahma(grandmother in Hokkien) took charge of the rest like cooking, cleaning, and doing other household chores.”

Some of the most unforgettable moments with his Angkong always comes to mind. “When I started going to school, my Angkong would always take me to school and fetch me right on the dot. He would always bring snacks for us just to make sure that we do not get hungry after a whole day in school,” he reminisces. “Whenever I do not have classes, my Angkong and I would always play different card games and dominos.” And up until now, he cherishes these cards and dominos that they used to play with. He brings up that whenever he has his Angkong with him, he always feels safe and loved.

Almost 3 years ago, his Angkong passed away. Hero says that even in his grandfather’s demise, he is reminded how his Angkong would always give him assurance that he is enough, he can do good things, and most importantly, he is loved. His Angkong’s warm touch even during his remaining days non-verbally uttered and assured him everything will be alright in the end.

It was also during these times when Hero’s family experienced a tough time looking for and buying his Angkong’s diapers. If they get lucky and find stocks, they would buy in bulk. This gave him an idea to start looking for diaper suppliers in the country and eventually found out that there is a big market for these.

All the ideas for the business translated to reality because of his Angkong, says Hero. In 2018, the research and conceptualization started for the business. This came a little challenging for Hero, especially in 2019, as he had been dedicated to his full-time job. He then decided, with a heavy heart, to quit his first job of 4 years despite being very happy and fulfilled in it.

Fast forward to 2020, Assure Diapers was finally launched after a tedious process of market research, feasibility studies, product sourcing, quality specifications, and many more. Hero shares that aside from reaching out to the elderly, they even had to talk to people on the go, medical practitioners, expectant mothers, public servants, travelers, etc. to find out what exactly they are looking for in an adult diaper.

Assure Protective Diapers promises its customers the assurance of priceless comfort as they are made from high-quality natural materials, free from any harmful chemicals, which are sourced from Japan and are made in Indonesia. The diapers offer maximum comfort because they have cloth-like material as cover for comfort and breathability, aside from the other outstanding diaper features such as the oval rings for better and extra absorption and side leak guards to prevent any unwanted leakages and odor. Assure Protective Diapers is all about care, comfort, and convenience. “Assure” is a brand created out of compassionate love and dedication to quality of life. For a teaser, everyone should stay tuned as they are about to launch more products like baby diaper pants, which will no doubt assure babies of priceless comfort.

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Hero also wants to share helpful tips for young entrepreneurs like him or anyone who wants to make their business ideas happen. “Starting a business is tricky because it involves finding the intersection between something that you are passionate about, an existing problem or pain point that you want to solve, and your financial resources to tide over uncertainties” he adds that to minimize the big risk to take, one must have a good business model backed up by plans and strategies. “It would also be beneficial for you to always solicit feedback, be it your idea or your actual product, from your relatives, friends, and your customers. Never ever be afraid to ask help from others. There will be other people who will be more than willing to help you grow and succeed in your business venture.”

Taking the great inspiration of this business from his Angkong, Hero expresses in a short message how he misses him: “I have lots of fond memories with you and those memories are what keeps me motivated in pushing for this business. You are my inspiration and I draw strength from you. I know that you are still with me in spirit, silently guiding me to the right path. I just want to make you proud.”

Posted by Assure Diapers on Sunday, August 2, 2020

For being someone so young in the complicated business scene, thriving and enthusiastic, it is sure that Hero’sAngkong takes pride in him.

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