LOOK: This Brand Is Perfect for that Tropical Flair!

By Ginni Arzadon

Imagine this, summertime is just around the corner and you’re getting ready for brunch with your fellow titas in Mary Grace. After a couple of minutes, you pick your attire. But then contemplate on what sandals to wear or tote bag to use to match your outfit! Not to worry though because Modern Folk is here to save the day!

Modern Folk is a chic and innovative brand that will definitely cater to your everyday fashion and travel needs! Just like their tagline, it’s, “for all the places you’ll go!

Their avarcas, or Spanish sandals, are sure to go with your outfit, whether it be tropical wear or jeans! It comes with 14+ different colorways, which, according to Modern Folk, are “chrome dyed to strict EU REACH perfection.” You’ll have no problem with what color to choose from!


Complete the look with their tote which comes in three different styles: classic, mini, or round. Their minimalist designs will definitely make you want to get them all as each tote comes in various colors!


You can also choose from a leather handle or rope to pair with your tote. This will make your bag perfect for every occasion!


Modern Folk is the perfect everyday brand and should undoubtedly be part of your tropical wardrobe essentials! So what are you waiting for? Check them out!

Modern Folk

Website: www.modernfolk.co

IG: @modernfolk.ph

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/themodernfolkph/

Store: Paragon by @ThePenthouse.PH, Level 3,

SM Mall of Asia, Pasay, Metro Manila, Philippines


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