LOOK: This Boy Brings His Baby Brother with Him to School

A photo of a studious boy went viral recently on Facebook.

On the photo, it shows a boy bringing his baby brother with him to school on a regular basis since his mother passed away.

According to ABS-CBN, the boy on the photo is is nine-year old Mateo Baño, a grade 3 pupil.

Shyla Blasico, a teacher from J. Blanco Elementary School in South Cotabato, is the one who took the photo and posted in on the said social media platform.

She said that the boy’s mother passed away last year due to ectopic pregnancy.

She added, according to ABS-CBN, “Dahil walang mag-aalaga sa kapatid niya dinadala niya na lang ito sa klase para di maka absent.”

Since posting the photo online, she has been getting “words of encouragement from netizens as well as help from good-hearted people.”

Although there has been many people offering cash, she said what they need right now is food.

Those who plan to help are requested to call first.

Also, at present she and the principal are discussing how to best help out the children.

Lastly, she said, “Mahirap na, baka pagisipan kami na kukunin ang pera.”

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