LOOK: This Beauty Center Gives an Organic, Coffee-scented Keratin Blowout!

Words by Hannah Angelique Bacani
Photos by Trisha Diaz de Rivera

After a long week of stress, there’s nothing better than having the time and the perfect place to pamper yourself and take a good, well-deserved rest. Well, guess what? We found just the right place for you to relax, refresh, revive and rejuvenate just around Pasig.

Located in Kapitolyo, Pasig City, Beautique is a beauty and wellness center that could spoil you from head to toe. They offer a number of different services including hair treatments, keratin lash lift, facials, body massage, manicure and pedicure, waxing, and more. It’s definitely a haven for anyone who is looking for a place to treat themselves with a delightful day of pure relaxation.

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Entering their place, you’d be welcomed by their very friendly and accommodating staff as well as these hydraulic reclining chairs that invite you to get comfortable and get on with the pampering. And get pampered we did. First with a foot spa that bathes your feet with warm, bubbly water and treats them with a scrub that removes all the dead skin. Their foot spa also comes with a foot blush that leaves the soles of your feet with a nice shade of pink even after a day or two. (Also, lots of foot rubs!)



And while your feet are having a nice and warm soak, shower your hands and nails with the same love with a manicure. Beautique offers both a regular nail polish and a gel nail polish for their manicure and pedicure services. Basically, the difference between a regular and a gel nail polish is one, their drying time. Regular nail polish takes a long time to dry –about 15 minutes or so. Gel nail polish, on the other hand, is dried under a UV light for just one to two minutes. Gel polish also lasts for two to three weeks, as they are not easily chipped off unlike regular nail polish.


They also have a variety of nail polish colors to choose from, and the staff is really nice enough to suggest which might be good or what you might like.

So, hands and feet: done! But this sesh will not be complete if we didn’t give our crowning glory some TLC! So we also tried Beautique’s Organic Brazilian Keratin Blowout.

beautique beauty center pasig

Here’s my hair before having the treatment. Whenever I go to the salon to just have my hair cut, I always receive comments on how thick my hair was. Aside from that, my hair looks kind of dull with a lot of stray hair that’s difficult to tame on bad hair days. Getting this treatment was at first a little scary for me since I’ve never had my hair salon-treated. But hearing about the organic treatment had me curious.

The Keratin Blowout starts with shampooing your hair and then drying it out. After that, the Keratin treatment will be applied on the hair and be given time to settle for half an hour. Unlike other treatments, this doesn’t have a strong smell. It’s also gentle on the hair and scalp, perfect for those who have sensitive scalps.

After settling the treatment, the hair will be straightened out with a hair iron, and that is basically it. The treatment takes about two hours, depending on the hair length and thickness. Here’s what my hair looked like after the treatment.

beautique beauty center pasig

My photo from Beautique‘s Facebook page

It looks like it came out of a shampoo commercial! Compared to other treatments that don’t allow you to wash your hair for 2-3 days, this organic Brazilian Keratin Blowout can be washed 24 hours after the treatment. The best thing I like about this treatment, aside from having a silky straight hair, is that it made my hair finer and less thick without losing its volume. Also, the smell! Aside from not being too strong, it has a hint of coffee-scent in it that lasts even after the treatment.

With their long list of services that are designed for your utmost comfort, beauty, and well-being, Beautique Beauty and Wellness Center will surely be one of your go-to places to relieve stress and take a breather. Go visit this haven and treat yourself with a rest that you so deserve!

Beautique Beauty and Wellness Center

Unit G 03 TCI Tower, West Capitol Drive Corner Stella Maris, Brgy. Kapitolyo, Pasig City, 1603
Contact: (02) 400-14-18 / 09177924808
Facebook: /beautiquebeautyandwellness
Instagram: @beautiquebeautyandwellness