LOOK: This beautiful coffee table book showcases Filipina beauty from the 50s to now!

Twitter user @JoshTolentino created this gorgeous book filled with the different phases and faces of Filipina beauty throughout the past 60 or so years. The evolution of what we perceive as trendy or beautiful is fascinating, especially here in Metro Manila!


Charting the changes can seem daunting but Joshua has done it well!

The coffee-table book is actually a study about the beauty standards that were apparent from 1950 until 2017. The book contains portraits of Filipino women that exhibit some popular trends that were present in each decade; on how these women aimed to achieve such looks, in Metro Manila. [sorry my scope only covers metro manila, since the beauty practices here in the Philippines is very diverse and is dependent in each region, hahaha!]


Beauty Standards are time-dependent, meaning they coincide with trends. Which are temporary beauty practices that are popular over a specific time frame. Beauty standards may change due to a rising trend, a major event, or influence of a famous personality, etc.


Joshua conducted a series of interviews and it shows that the coinciding of trends and standards are immortalized in time depending on what is considered beautiful. And since our perspectives shift, some of these trends come and go again. This timeline shows the shifts and changes, all things we consider beautiful!

Even the cover is gorgeous. It’s lenticular print, shifting from the 50s to the present.


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And he’d love to credit the following people:

1950’s Makeup: Anne Pascual Hairstylist: Jeff de Guzman Model: Kyan Querijero

1960’s Makeup: Mark Igarta Hairstylist: Jeff de Guzman Model: Abby Madriaga

1970’s Makeup: Victoria Magno Hairstylist: Jeff de Guzman Model: Kim Turingan

1980’s Makeup: Victoria Magno Hairstylist: Jeff de Guzman Model: Trisha Tejada

1990’s Hair and Makeup: Ida Siasoco Model: Sophia Baino

2000-2009 Hair and Makeup: Jacque Kate Duguil Model: Melissa Creencia

2010-2017: Hair and Makeup: Jacque Kate Duguil Model: Melissa Creencia

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