LOOK: This Beach at Lobo is Your Dream Destination Near Manila

The pandemic is taking a toll on all of us and we are all aching for a vacation. Luckily, many private homes offer a humble abode for your much-needed vacation.

Sun, sand and sea; we all need that now, and this beach house at The Beach at Lobo, Batangas is a dream destination that you can enjoy with the whole family. Just 2.5 hours away from Manila, the Beach House at Lobo is a beachfront property good for 15pax.

we all need that now, and this beach house at The Beach at Lobo, Batangas is a dream destination

The property has 3 bahay kubo’s good for 5 pax each. Each kubo has an air-conditioned room and fan area bed. Both are really comfortable and is perfect for an overnight stay or even just to lounge around.

We loved the accommodations and it was the perfect mix of comfort and style, making you feel at home but still in a beautiful vacation.

It has 3 separate bathrooms, an outdoor kitchen complete with cookware, dining area, grill, bar and swimming pool. It is also complete with all the dinnerware, bar accessories and all things you could ever need. What we loved about this beach house is that we can bring all the food we want without worrying about corkage.

We loved being able to bring our own food and cooking freely. It was very cost-efficient and is perfect for big groups.

The cooking area is spacious and we didn’t have any problem since there are ample cookware and dinnerware. If you don’t like cooking, there are offers in the area for boodle sets that starts at around Php2000 and up depending on the kind of food you’d choose. The property is also near the town where you can order food. We found a milk tea shop on Facebook and they delivered milk tea and burgers to the resort.

There is also a swimming pool in the area and we loved lounging around there. The beach is also pretty nice to get some tan and you can walk around to see the beautiful coconut trees by the beach. There is also a “balsa” where you can stay, eat and enjoy the nice cool breeze.

We spent most of our time by the beach and the “balsa”. It was the prime spot where you can really relax and see the beauty that Lobo has to offer. You will also see rows of coconut trees by the beach which makes a perfect backdrop for your Instagram photos.

The resort has WiFi and a projector if you want to enjoy some movies in the dining area. All kubos have televisions with cable if you want to stay in and relax.

We were able to work from paradise as we sat by the beach house’s table near the beach where there are plugs and where the wifi router is located. It was the spot where you can work comfortably with a nice cool breeze.

If you are traveling from Manila, you have to pass through a checkpoint where you have to present valid i.d.’s and medical certificate from your barangay or a private doctor. Just make sure you have the certificates printed because the checkpoint would need a copy. There is also an Environmental fee of Php20 when you pass by the checkpoint.

we all need that now, and this beach house at The Beach at Lobo, Batangas is a dream destination

Note: Please make sure to coordinate with the resort if there are any changes in IATF and LGU guildelines regarding age requirement.

The Beach at Lobo



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