LOOK: This Barangay Celebrates The May Flower Festival Despite Flood

Before the month ends, several towns in the country celebrated the May Flower Festival or more popularly known as Santacruzan.

It is an annual Catholic event held in different municipalities in the Philippines wherein teenage ladies and gentlemen dress up in fancy gowns and barong/suits and line up in a parade with flowers and candles in celebration of Mother Mary. People usually join the parade or wait up outside their homes to be part of the festival.

Well, Sapang Kawayan, a barangay in Masantol, Pampanga, pushed through with this year’s Santacruzan despite the almost knee-high flood in their area. According to the barangay officials, they did not want to break their annual tradition of celebrating the flower festival every last Saturday of May. And so, even in the face of a calamity, the residents and the sagalas graciously proceeded with their procession.

Here are some of the pictures, courtesy of Sapang Kawayan’s Facebook page.

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