LOOK: This Bar Sells ‘Un-aged’ White Whiskey!

Words by Gabi Fresnido & Jeff Pascual

Photos by Gabi Fresnido & Jeff Pascual

What would you feel if alcohol was made illegal? Relieved? Bummed out? Outrageously angry?

Historically, this did happen. The Americans in the 1700s had a Whiskey Rebellion when President George Washington imposed taxes on alcohol and later made liquor selling illegal.  The taxes cost eight times as much as the liquor itself which subjected farmers to extreme poverty. Small distillers had to live in the backwoods to avoid the taxes or had to brew alcoholic drinks in secret. Hence,

“The term Moonshine comes from the fact that distilling illegal liquor is done underground or “in the moonlight”.” – Moonshiner28.com

Additionally, these unfortunate circumstances lead to serious health concerns and loss of quality since brewers had to produce this in larger quantity to meet with the increase in demand. Even some businesses brewed in wagons so they could easily relocate.

Luckily for our generation, the alcohol being sold in this century is safer to consume and is legal to those of age. (Please drink responsibly!) 

Inspired by the history of the moonshiners, this bar in Ortigas honors this practice by adopting the “Moonshine”  name to their brand. Last September 8, they celebrated their 3rd year anniversary with food and, of course, booze!

Moonshine Pub has recently released their very own white whiskey! Unlike normal aged whiskey, white whiskey is not aged in oak barrels, which makes it easier and faster to make, and gives the product a rawer flavor. This particular kind of whiskey tastes similarly to vodka which doesn’t have any taste or flavor but the whip of alcohol rawness. However, aged or not, it is still “80 proof” which means it has 40% alcohol in it. You better not be driving once you take a shot or two! Cheers! Drink responsibly! 

Moonshine White Whiskey with 80% alcohol

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Moonshine Public Urban Bar

The Sapphire Bloc, Ortigas Center, Pasig City

Opening hours: 10am – 3am

Contact Details: 0927 800 0920

Facebook: @moonshinephilippines

Instagram: @moonshinephilippines


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