LOOK: This Baby Thanos concept art is… pretty creepy–Baby Yoda can stay

The internet is just full of babies lately and we’re not complaining! Babies are cute and some of them are totally meme-worthy.

This one, however, just kind of creeps me out.

Introducing: Baby Thanos.

It looks like a Sims baby you dipped in purple car paint and glitter. I’m kind of frightened. And I have so many questions like: Why does he already have wrinkles like he’s been struggling with the utilitarian problems of equal opportunities ever since he was born? Was he thinking of  scarcity even then? Why is he so angry???? What does he have to be angry about? He’s a baby–should be angry.

Among other questions, of course.

Anyway, we’re glad this didn’t come into fruition in either Endgame or Infinity War. Thank goodness.

What do you think? Let us know!


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