LOOK: This artist drew Disney princesses and characters as MERMAIDS!

In celebration of MerMay 2018, artist Chiguma on Facebook created these beautiful mermaid illustrations! And they’re not just any mermaids, but Disney mermaids. Some of our favorite characters and heroes we’ve grown up with are now Atlantica-worthy!

MerMay is a yearly occurrence every May where artists create new mermaid illustrations according to prompts. Super cute!

I bet they all hang out with Ariel, the OG. And she teaches them all everything she knows. And she shows them all her collection of gadgets and gizmos aplenty. We love them all!

Check some of them out here:

This Mulan one is suuuuper cool.

Moana’s adorable here. Out on the ocean or even under it as a mermaid!

Check out the artist’s album here for all the other characters!


And the Mermay project over here: https://mermay.com/

Follow the artist here: https://www.facebook.com/Chiguma.Art/

And: www.instagram.com/chiguma_

Which one’s your favorite? Let us know!

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