LOOK: This art installation bench has spikes that only go away if you pay!

We really thought we’d seen everything. And then artist Fabian Brunsing proved us wrong.

In an installation piece that has been making its rounds on Twitter, we see this bench that has the spikes drilled into it disappear only when the person who will be making use of the bench pays. That’s right–the spikes only go away if you fork over some of your cash. It’s wild. And when you have paid, it’ll let you sit but only for a limited time!

The bench beeps after some time which is a warning to stand up because the spikes are coming back.

Art installation bench with spikes

It’s like an arcade game–except you might actually get hurt

Many netizens have cried out their distaste for the piece, saying that it’s a terrible way to make money off of people while others have pointed out it’s more of an art installation and a statement rather than functional furniture.

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