LOOK: This App Will Give You Access to Make Mental Health Care Services

The COVID-19 pandemic brought much stress to everyone. But as we all go back to work, more than 50% of Filipino workers are struggling because of financial concerns, job pressures, and return-to-office anxieties.

This is because there are many barriers to proper mental health care, including stigmatization, lack of awareness, and poor accessibility to mental health services. Quite simply, people do not know when, where, or how to go for help. They only think to talk to a psychologist when their symptoms are already severe. They do not know that mental health is something that needs to be taken care of every day.

We found MindNation in 2019 and has been very helpful for us as we threaded through the pandemic. The company offers different mental health services 24/7/365 online therapy sessions with psychologists and WellBeing Coaches, webinars, surveys, and more.

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Though MindNation can easily be reached through their social media channels and their website, they are now launching their app to bring mental health services closer to those who need them.

The app not only gives you access to 24/7 teletherapy services, it also comes with a Daily Mood Tracker and WellBeing Quiz© that you can take regularly to track emotions and understand your state of well-being. Clinically based and data-backed, the results come with recommended ways to attain better states of well-being.

App users can also access MindED, an on-demand learning program that allows you to master mental health skills, develop good well-being practices and support your journey towards healing through audio/visual exercises, toolkits, and worksheets.