LOOK: This AI Image is Inspired by Filipina Beauty

We always see AI’s and I always wondered what a Filipina will actually look like. Growing up as a morena with black hair, I always wanted to see a representation of a Filipina. A look that I can relate to and can be seen by kids as a representation of themselves.

Palmolive recently launched their own AI or a Filipina Palmolive Girl. The AI rendered a morena with black hair and it is gorgeous!

Palmolive AI Girl

Palmolive wants to spark a conversation by showing the AI image of the rendered “Filipina Palmolive Girl” and asking everyone to describe what they think a Palmolive Girl should look like. The accumulated descriptions that Palmolive will gather will be served to the AI tool to create a more diverse and inclusivePalmolive Girl that genuinely represents all Filipinas!

The first AI Palmolive Girl in the Philippines – run by AI but powered by YOU! They will need your unique perspectives and vision to make the new Palmolive Girl the best she can be.  Like, comment, and share your thoughts in this post and let them know what you think a Filipina Palmolive Girl should look like.