LOOK: This 50-year-old woman poses in her bikini in the freezing cold

Dressed only in her bikini and wearing ski goggles, this 50-year-old woman posed for a photo op in the freezing cold of Lake Baikal in Russia. The woman in the photo is Liu Yelin. She posted her photo on her Weibo account, a microblogging website and social media platform.

Liu Yelin said that she stays fit because she exercises for hours every day. She also works out in the cold because she believes this slows down the aging process, which she revealed to a Chinese media.

According to reports, her workout routine includes yoga in the snow and swimming in icy waters. Liu Yelin said swimming in icy waters is her favorite thing to do.

Here’s the photo she shared on Weibo.

woman bikini snow

She also has an Instagram account.

Here are some of her photos on IG.

In the past, Liu Yelin’s story went viral online when her son allegedly said it was difficult to find a partner because people usually mistake his mother for his girlfriend.

Here’s a photo of Liu Yelin with her 23-year-old son.

woman bikini snow 1

Liu Yelin told Daily Mail that she wants to stay looking this way until she’s 80.

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