LOOK: This 360 Panorama Of The Milky Way Is Breathtaking

We live in a truly wonderful world. Sometimes, when we’re lucky enough, we catch the beauty of this universe in photographs.

Photographer Cory Poole has recently posted a breathtaking picture of the Milky way and you can view it in it’s full 360 panorama glory HERE.

milky way cory poole

It reads:

Woohoo. Figured out how to post full 360 panoramas on facebook. Here’s the Milky Way over Lassen Volcanic National Park from the top of Mt. Brokeoff. To be able to pan the picture you need to be in either the facebook app on a phone (and then you can actually move your phone to change the view) or on a desktop you should be able to pan with your mouse if you have an updated browser. By clicking on the picture you make it take up more of your screen. Anyways hope you enjoy! I’ll have to post up more of my old ones and take some new ones!  🙂

Source: Photographer Cory Poole’s Facebook Page

This has got to be one of my favorite photos ever. What do you think?