LOOK: This 20-Year-Old Photographer Shoots Amazing Portraits!

In this day and age, beautiful photos are everywhere; hence, it would require talent, creativity, and artistry for your images to really stand out.

Well, here’s an up-and-coming 20-year-old photographer named Iah Potestades who’s doing a good job at making her portraits visually striking. Being an Advertising and Public Relations graduate from PUP-Manila, she has tricks up on her sleeves when it comes to handling cameras, finding the right angles, and creating creative concepts.

She started a page called “iahkin” around June last year which is basically a page where she uploads the portraits she shoots. At first, she was only taking random photos of her parents, relatives, and friends, and then she branched out and began offering her portrait photography services. Now, she’s also active on Instagram as @iahkinn and Behance.

According to Iah, she doesn’t have any specific photography style but she shoots portraits most of the time. She also mentioned that her uncle makes her join his photo shoot sessions which serve as her practice and training to further hone her skills. She also shoots gigs specifically for Yellow Room Music PH where she works.

Regarding her rates, Iah mentioned that she doesn’t have specific packages yet since it depends on the kind of shoot and the client’s budget. However, she said that she’s willing to compromise. As of the moment, she does pre-debuts, pre-birthdays, and sometimes, band shoots and the like. She’s pretty much open to any opportunity.

Iah also disclosed that her biggest influence in photography is Kevin Tamasiro’s work which has been an inspiration to her since 2014 when she accidentally stumbled upon him on Tumblr. Her other favorite photographers are Shaira Luna, Max Loyola, Lloyd Pagara, CJ Bio, Hannah Cepe, and her uncle, Ivan Potestades.

Well, just like the photography icons she looks up to, one thing’s for sure, Iah’s art is both amazing and inspiring! She’s a young talent who has so many opportunities ahead of her. We can’t wait for more artsy portraits she’ll be sharing soon!

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