LOOK: This 20-Something Fiber Artisan Creates Lovely Macrame Crafts

If you haven’t heard it yet, macramé is the new “in” thing lately. It is the art of knotting cords and strings to create beautiful patterns which are used for decorative purposes. In case you’re wondering, yes, it’s a tedious process and the bigger your art is, the more intricate the knots are.

Lucky for us, Makrama, a homegrown and proudly Filipino brand, is producing and offering these items.

macrame 3

macrame 5

The person behind Makrama is a 24-year-old fiber artisan named Kim Tendido. As shared by Kim, “Being part of a family where not every day of our life is well-off, I sought for other things to do with my past time that can help me earn extra income. This is where I started my Macrame business.”

Aside from intricate twisting and turning of ropes, her craft is a product of passion and creative vision. According to Kim, her brand is also her source of happiness and sense of artistry. Every hoop and knot are like a challenge that she strives to surpass in her everyday life. All these make every single Makrama item a masterpiece on its own. Here are some of our favorites styles.

Macrame 1

Macrame 2

Makrama 4

Although macramés are mostly used as wall hangings, Kim expands her collection by adding other products, such as curtains, plant hangers, dream catchers, key chains, table runners, and buntings.

Macrame 7

macrame 9

She also does huge macramés which are used for styling editorial shoots.

macrame 6

For as low as P 1,150.00, you can get your own 12” x 2.5 Makrama wall hanging. Or better yet, you may learn how to make your own macramé craft by availing her workshop for only P 1,700.00. Rate per pax is already inclusive of handout, materials, and snacks with freebies of cords and wooden sticks that are good for 2 pcs. of classic macramés.

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You may shop Makrama’s lovely items here.


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