LOOK: These Yummy Drinks Are Your Dose of Healthy This Pandemic

Adjusting our lifestyle for better health has become more important when the pandemic hit. Many of us had prioritized eating healthy, drinking vitamins, and just taking care of our overall health. But what if we told you that you can get your needed vitamins through some delicious drinks?

We’ve been looking for ways to get the vitamins that our body needs in a more delicious way. Since some of us are having a hard time swallowing big pills and vitamins, juices with high nutritional values are heaven-sent. We found Yobick and Vida-C at 7eleven and we are so excited to try them.


Yobick is a brand from Japan that is packed with prebiotic oligosaccharides that your body needs to help your digestive health and normalize cholesterol levels.

It comes in 2 flavors: original and sakura. Both are yoghurt drinks and are a great way to boost your immune system. It’s only Php49 per bottle and can be enjoyed by kids and adults.

Our personal favorite is the Sakura flavor which has the perfect balance of sweetness and fragrance that’s both refreshing and thirst-quenching.

Another drink that we are loving is Vida-C.

Vida-C is a sparkling drink similar to soda but packed with 1000mg Vitamin C.

The lemon-flavored drink is perfect for that immunity boost that’s needed during the pandemic. Getting your Vitamin C is now easy and yummy. You can enjoy it along with your favorite meals and even when you are on the go.

Though it tastes like our favorite sodas in the market, Vida-C has lower sugar content and can also aid in iron deficiency.

Yobick and Vida-C are distributed by Pacific Synergy Food and Beverage and are available in all leading supermarkets and convenience stores. You can also check them out on Shopee and Lazada.