LOOK: These Witty Illustrations Will Surely Make You Smile!

In a feed full of rants, bad news and trolls, we found a Manila-based multi-lingual artist that creates the wittiest illustrations you’ll ever see.

Cavemandraws by Ria is an online page filled with cute and funny artworks that will surely draw a smile on your face.

“The illustrations and puns started when I was feeling very lonely. The very first pun was the “I’m like a wave, I’m alon” because at that time, I really felt alone in the world.”, Ria shared when asked what sparked her to create all these.

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No worries, guys. She’s feeling much better now. She considers Cavemandraws as her avenue towards being in a better place.

Anyway, here are some of our favorites below.

Over 37,000 Facebook followers and thousands of likes and shares later, Ria still enjoys making these doodle-type digital drawings that are light enough to cheer anyone up.

Speaking of quiz, did we mention that she never took art classes? She’s just really fascinated with children’s books and jokes. So, she combined the elements of these two which brings us to Cavemandraws.

Hangin there, we have more illustrations below.

She makes #hugot posts too!

And even drawings for those who are in love.

But hey, there’s also something for those who just want to have fun. (Take care of your livers!)

“My goal is to make life a little lighter, I guess. With everything happening in the world, with so much issues and bad things, I want people to have a bit of happiness.”, Ria mentioned.

Well, she’s right. These illustrations definitely lifted our spirits. Follow Cavemandraws on Facebook and Instagram to see more of Ria’s art.

Haba nice day!

Which one’s your favorite? Any other artists we should know about? Tell us in the comments.

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