LOOK: These volleyball stars reveal an unusual mark on their pinky fingers

No, the mark on the sports superstars’ pinky finger is not due to an injury from training or a game.

Volleyball phenomenon Alyssa Valdez posts a photo of her pinky finger as a symbol of her support to a recent online trend, #PinkyPromisePH. Along with other influencers, Valdez is calling on her friends and the 10 million unregistered young Filipinos to join in the new round of voter registration, which will only run until September 30.


Those participating in #PinkyPromisePH post a photo or video with a mark on their pinky finger, along with a pinky promise to register and convince others to register as well. In addition, they also give a pinky promise to love our country a little bit more. It’s definitely a worthy trending topic!

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This is why a lot more are joining #PinkyPromisePH. Join in the fun! Post your own #PinkyPromisePH, tag your friends, and do register so you can vote in the next elections.

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Are you a registered voter? Who will you encourage to register for voting?