LOOK: These Villain-Inspired Face Masks Change Their Designs as You Breathe

2020 has been heartbreaking beyond belief. Calamity after tragedy after calamity; just when you thought it was over, another one pulls us yanks the rug from under us.

The world needs heroes and difference-makers right now. But heroes won’t be able to do their jobs
when life has been sucked out of them.  That’s why The MASQ Collection was started: to put life back to life.

masq collection 3

Photo by The MASQ Collection

“All our masks are lively and full of color; they’re vibrant. We made specifically with the dreamers in mind — it is made for the people brimming with goals and passion, for people with plans to make the world better,” says Myka Sy, the spearhead of The Masq Collection.

Still, they don’t compromise function for fashion. They were able to bring them together in stylish yet safe face masks. The MASQ Collection takes pride in having passed the four crucial mask safety tests, which include the particle suction test, light transmission, rapid blow, and the water-resistant test.

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Their first collection proved to be eye-catching and attention-grabbing with the beautiful styles, but they take it a step further.

masq collection 1

Photo by The MASQ Collection

The MASQ Collection just released a Disney Villain Collection; perfect for those who are young at heart but not quite innocent. The collection includes styles featuring Cheshire from Alice in Wonderland, Cruella De Vil from 101 Dalmations, Ursula from The Little Mermaid, and the Magic Mirror from Snow White.

masq collection 4

Photo by The MASQ Collection

But that’s the least of the good news! Pushing the magic even further, these masks change colors and designs while you breathe.

They also have smaller variations of their stylish masks for kids: the mini Masq, also with Disney inspired designs.

masq collection 2

Photo by The MASQ Collection

Each mask also comes with 10 Pure Masq filters to ensure that you’ll stay safe as you wear your fashionable mask.

If you need more reasons to get one, The MASQ Collection has committed to donating a part of their profit to people who have lost their jobs in the midst of the pandemic.

Safe, stylish, and socially-responsible: those are great factors to consider when choosing your reusable face mask. Fortunately, The MASQ Collection takes pride in all three.

The MASQ Collection


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