LOOK: These sunflower slash Sablay photos of this student-athelete-photographer are AMAZING!

With graduation season coming up in Diliman, looks like we’re bound to see sunflowers around the area soon along the road of the country’s state university in Quezon City!

With a dream of living life and capturing these moments through photos, BA Speech Communication major, athlete and photographer Justine Joyce Dabalos opts to bring joy to fellow Iskos & Iskas who will depart the university by documenting their last moments as students.

Photography has always been a passion for Dabalos, but she hopes that this passion of hers would be an avenue of the provision of funds for an international exchange stint in Japan.

“I have been into photography for a year so far,” she tells WHEN IN MANILA. “I started last year at around April.”

When she started shooting with friends, that’s when she slowly started to become passionate about the craft.

“I enjoy taking photos of people. Each photoshoot with different people is always a special time. Besides taking good photos of them, I get to learn from their life stories and I try my best to show and express their personality and life stories in the photos I take. It keeps me inspired.

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Travelling and photography are two of my top goals to do for my life. I have always been open for adventures and trying new things that include my passion. As a student-athlete, I found it a challenge. I needed to maintain good grades to qualify for the cut. Thankfully, with hard work and determination, God blessed me as I got accepted to study in Japan.”

For this wide-eyed wanderer, Dabalos also loves Japan for their excellence in football (her sport), richness in culture & the arts and being a place that boasts of some of the top camera brands in the world.

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“To be able to go to Japan will be a dream come true to help me maximize my communication skills, gifts, and talents, enrich my travel photography experience and explore more!” she exclaims.

Dabalos also accepts non-UP students and non-graduating students for photoshoots.
You may reach out to her through her page, Justine Joyce Photography, for details on her rates.

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Disclaimer: WheninManila.com does not own the photos above. Credits go to Justine Joyce Dabalos.